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Mar 26, 2011

Gargoza Park Utah 2011

Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit from

I am learning how to size my photos so that they look OK but can still load here is the project I just finished this morning...I love the files. but I say that every time... hope you enjoy!!!

Mar 25, 2011

Family Photo Session 2011

After 8 yrs of marriage, its about time we got a 'family photo'... and I love how they turned out!!! thanks Kiddie Kandids...Sandy Utah!!!

My spring projects!!!

These are just a few of the things that I have been working on..the pictures don't do them justice but.... I am having a great time making these things...just wish I had people to give them to, cuz I cant sell them....These are all files on these projects.
Have a fun weekend...I hope to post 1 or 2 more by the end of the check back by...thanks Katie


I just realized that its been more than a few days since my last post... I have been on vacation in Utah and now I am getting back to crafting and scrapbooking. I just love the hybrid projects. I have been working on my ATC's for the forum but I don't want to post them just yet, this way its a surprise for all my ladies to get theirs (even though I only have 8 followers) lol. So I will post something new tonight if I can remember to take a picture of the purse I made from the svgcuts newest release. so very cute I love it.... maybe this weekend I can post a few things... anyway TTFN....Katie

Mar 16, 2011

Bird House by Katie from

I have make 3 or 4 of these and just cant stop...check them all out here... I will try to post each on as I can...the phone camera is not the best way to do this but its working...I think!!!!

the second one the roof is made from a coke can...I just love how it turned out... check back for more later...this is what I do for my lunch break...hehe

Mar 7, 2011

Now for the Party Page...

So I am busy, as you can see, working on my digital scrapbook for 2011! This one is OK not as good as the last but I guess that's the learning part of this to paper crafting for the night...ttfn

AlliCats 3rd Birthday page

Happy Birthday Allison, we love you tons, hope you and your family like this page.... We had fun at your party and thanks soooo much for letting me get pictures of you wearing the hat!!!

Mar 6, 2011

3rd Birthday Party

here's what I did for Allicats 3rd birthday...
and here is her wearing the hat for her birthday...

 What a pretty girl...Happy Birthday Allison!!!

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