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Jan 27, 2011

Valentines Heart Box

So I got a bit creative and made this valentines heart box. Most of the stuff is my original work but there is credit to for inspiration. I even printed my paper for this here you have it...tell me what you think PPPPPLEASE!!!

Jan 23, 2011

Card #2 for the day

This is for the Boss!! hope he does not see it here before his I just had to post it now

Valentines Card I made today!!!

I wont tell you who is going to get this one. But I put a lot of love into it!!!

Jan 22, 2011

So If you are following my Blog or even stop by to see....

I want to hear from you and know who is following me and if you like what you see... Thanks Katie

More Disneyland 2010

Just working on my scrapbooking and finding that I really like digi scrap, but I will always have a spot in my home and heart for the original 12 x 12 scrapbook...I need to remember to print these out so I have a book of them too... any why Hi to all that follow me and hope you are enjoying the scrapbook pages....

Jan 17, 2011

2010 Disneyland Scrapbook

So here is just one of the many to come pages of us at Disneyland. Thanks to June we got to go to Disneyland for Christmas with the entire family. Thanks to Johnny and Dolly we have more family photos than we have ever had. So I am sharing them with you...Hope you enjoy....

Jan 16, 2011

Adding you to my blog!!

I have just opened my blog to 'anyone' so everyone can see it for now, but I would like your email address so that I can invite family and friends only then I will only allow people that I know. This way we have a 'family' blog not a public blog!!! leave me an comment or send me an email.... Thanks Katie

01-01-11 Camp Snowflake having fun!!!

So we had no power or water to start the new year but we made the best of it.
The year started at 12:00 am Jan.1 , 2011. We were out visiting the family in Snowflake.
We celebrated a bit then as we were settling down the power went out @2:00 am. It was 10 degrees below zero, and without power we had no heat, so we cuddled up for the night.  It came back on the next afternoon (12:30 pm) to find that the water had frozen in the pump house and broke some pipes. John spent the better part of the day fixing that while Josh and I played with the kids as you can see. Josh did end up helping John get the pump house fixed but that did not fix the water problem. 6 days later the water finally came back for them out at the property.
We came home to Holbrook about 11:00 pm to find that it was just as cold in Holbrook as out there and that our hot water in the master bathroom was frozen, but all else was good. This took plugging in a heat tape found in the basement and 2 days of heating it to find that the water finally came back and not leaks as of now.
Well this is page two of my digi scrapbook, what do you think?

Jan 15, 2011

My 1st digital scrapbook page!! :)

here is the very first digital scrapbook page, and it was kind of fun. So you might just be seeing a bit more...keep in touch...
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