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Jan 27, 2011

Valentines Heart Box

So I got a bit creative and made this valentines heart box. Most of the stuff is my original work but there is credit to for inspiration. I even printed my paper for this here you have it...tell me what you think PPPPPLEASE!!!


  1. Love this box! I saw the one at svgcuts and yours is stunning as well. Did you make it using an svg cut, or the cut w scissors and core method?

  2. I made this with my own svg file...I got the idea then Mary at posted her's I was soooo sad :( but I also print my own paper so thats fun I can use any combination that I want...just print white cardstock and cut...I don't know what scissors and the core method are sorry but I hardly use scissors anymore with my cricut... thanks for the comment..and if you would like the file and I can remember where I saved it to, please let me know I can email it to you...thanks again

  3. I love SCAL....and your pages are beautiful....I would just love to know how to make an SVG file, being a scrapbooker this would be one of the greatest things to know. I'm going to love following your blog


  4. It's beautiful!! I love it! I love the pink rose with the music patterned paper! Really cool!! Oh wow, so are you saying that this 3D rose is your own design? Don't be sad about mine!! Yours is super awesome!! :P Love the heart-shaped box.

  5. sorry the rose is not my svg but the box is...the rose I need to give credit to Mary & Leo @


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