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Aug 29, 2011

My Exciting news is out!!!

Happy Monday everyone :)

I have be selected to be a design team member for MyGrafico!!!! I am so excited to become a new member of this cool team... This request for new dt members was to think out side of the box, so I don't think you will be seeing many cards here....

My for DT for MyGrafico Crafts project is from the Dilek Back to School.  

I created :

a gift tag with one file

a gift box (perfect for a box a crayons)

'homemade' crayons box...

These files were great to work with.!!! I used a few different techniques to create each of these projects.
I printed the clip art on paper then used my cutter to cut the box I also took some of the files and made them into an .svg as to use the cutter to cut them out. I also made sure to use lots of layers and dimensions tape to give it even more eye popping.

I hope you enjoyed this first of many projects to come for the Design Team for MyGrafico Challenge and Feature Files ... I will be posting something for MyGrafico Design Team each Monday, and I will be posting other projects too, but this gives you a plan to check back each Happy Monday...!(at least)...

I just want to give you, all my followers, a GREAT BIG THANKS  for sticking it out with me and leaving your encouraging notes and comments.  Keep'm coming..!!!

Aug 22, 2011

Some Exciting News!!

Oh, I have something so fun to share with you all today....
but I don't think I can just yet,
I wanted to tease you a bit...

So watch for my announcement in the next day or so  !!!

Gotcha thinking?

Oh what could it be?
Leave me a comment and see if you can guess my news...
if someone guesses,
I will get something special together and
Send it your way  !!
so if you leave a guess, please leave your contact info
so I can get your snail mail address...

Not even a

C ya soon  !!!
Hope I can tell you then...heehee

Oh and I am still working on more of my entries for the County Fair...

so for now


Aug 21, 2011

County Fair....HERE I COME!!!!

So here is a sneak peak of what I have for 1 of my entries for the county fair...I just cannot decide what class to enter this set into? It's not all complete and its not all set up the way I have it figured in my head...but its a start...

Let me know what you think!!!

Can you guess where I got this file from?...heehee
It's my favorite store!!! Hint Hint!!!

I used the Peony Cottage SVG Kit & the Pick a Pumpkin SVG kit oh and a old freebie from where else then SVGCuts, but the one I used (cornstalk) has been retired, but there are ALWAYS new ones that you can get so please check them out HERE on their site... hope you had a great time checking out my post...leave some love... Katie

Aug 17, 2011

I think I promised a new project...if not here it is anyway!! heehee

Hey all my followers and peeps that check me out once in awhile...How are you all doing? Things are busy around here, I am getting prepared for the County Fair for next month and have a whole line of craft/projects that I need to make-to enter.  So with that being said...I put together this cute little church...well made this set for a back to school kind of thing, but when I saw the files, the first thing that came to mind is a church, a wedding, and how in the old days (ok, Little House on the Prairie) the school was also the church, or was it that the church was a school room? anyway, I had to make it ASAP!! and so this is my creation from School Days SVG Kit... go check it out, its AMAZING!!!

Ok, so the figurine was my wedding cake topper (years ago), that has a great story...if you look carefully(I tried to hide it) you can see that the figurine was broken...It was placed on the top of the cake and after that I can remember that it looked so funny, my cake was only 3 small tiers and this figurine was SO BIG...and the gal that made the cake was not aware of the size topper I had chosen...well anyway, I was in the back room doing the final touches on my 2 daughters and I, when we heard this HORRIBLE sound, You see the chapel was only yards away from the Major train tracks, and when it roars thur our little town, it makes almost everything shake a I am in hopes that is what happened, but there was someone there that was really jealous of our wedding, and some say that she is the one that 'oops it fell?'...heehee..well anyway it was all picked up and kinda fixed before the Bride and Groom were to cut the can you see the crack? Well anyway, enough of that, fun memories that is... And off to make more creations...Navajo County Fair- Here I come!!!

Leave me some luv, cuz right now I am really feeling that this blog is just getting ignored, but I guess I do it for me, and thats all that matters (well the hubby tells me that) if you are a follower and check out this post PLEASE just say 'Hi' and if your not a follower Please consider it, I would love to have more the 34 I have but more is ALWAYS better!! right?  lol  ...

Until next time, Katie

Aug 15, 2011


Hey, this is an all call out to all my stalkers (and yeah its you, lol) SVGCUTS.COM is having a Birthday ATC Swap going on now...If you have already signed up...then you need to go do it again, as Reets said...It seems to be that a cyber ghost cleaned up the forum and OOPS took out this post. So PLEASE if you were signed up go back, and if you were not signed up then now is the time to join the fun...You can choose to do it each month, Reets posts a call for the 'Next' swap and you post 'I'm In' and then post your address...that simple... Then you make about 5-6 ATC's which means you get 5-6 from all sorts of peps...It's so fun and when you get one in the mail, it just brightens your day, gives you something to smile about!! %) ...

Happy Monday, have a great one...and I have another post later today-so come on back by and see the latest creation I made!!! its WORTH IT!!!


Aug 14, 2011

It's a ?

What do you do with an old lamp shade, some wood blocks, a pole and some spray paint...oh and a little hard work...

Ok, so it's not my original idea, but it is my own 'spin' of it...

It's kinda bare for now...but I have great things to hang from it... I spent less than $20.00 for all the materials. My dad put his finishing touches on it with the red pin strip on the middle post... Now I can hang all those supplies that are just 'tucked' away in drawers, never to be seen again, and put them in a clear bag and hang it on here... it even spins without moving the base!!!

Now I know the pictures are not the best, sorry, but I just could not wait for help to get a better back drop...And I just had to post it as soon as I got it finished...

I hope to find a good home for it in my craft room (I have not figured that out yet).

If you like what you see, and need some more details to the construction of this project, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back with you on it...

thanks for checking me out on my blog...Hope you all have a very wonderful work week ahead !!!

Happy Craft'n, oh and !!!


Aug 11, 2011

Make Over!

Hey, I just wanted to invite you to my blog to see my make over...I would love to some love left, letting me know what you think!! I just love the color purple (the movie too, hee hee) So this is just a short little invite...Hope you are all having a wonderful day!! enjoy...



Aug 7, 2011

Pick A Pumpkin SVGCUTS Newest File release!!

And if you buy it by Tuesday August 9, 2011 and you spend $9.98 (which is pretty easy) you can get this file FREE... so cool...I just love it...I have only had time to make the 'Ghost Pumpkin' but I have plans on many more...this is going to be a real versatile file...I think I saw someone made an 'apple' looking pumpkin, haha.. no really check out this new Pumpkin....It was really easy and fun and had the video tutorial to walk you step by easy and so fun...go crazy with this one...
wish the picture was better, but.....
Hey click on the banner on the top of this blog and it will take you right to the SVGCUTS store!!

Enjoy your week to come and I am off to make some more cute pumpkins....

Thanks for checking me out...come back by or leave a comment so I know what people like to see and I can try to do more...

I know I know its 2 posts in one day...whats up with that? its been how long and I had to do 2 in one day... well I hope to get back into the swing of things...The camera fixed, new files to play with and a better out look (felling much better)

The Camera is FIXED!!

Yeah hoo!! My darling husband got the lens fixed and it works like a charm...speaking of charm...I entered these...

in the SVGCUTS forum for the July "Wedding" challenge!!!
I used the following files:
3D Alpha
Crushed on You (Rose)
Free Christmas Cracker file...

You can find all of these files from Mary and Leo @ SVGCUTS.Com. I just can't tell you all how much I like these files..they have easy to understand pdf files with each set and most sets have a video tutorial that can also be watched on SVGCUTS.COM or if you really like me you will get to them by clicking their banner at the top of my blog, it will help me get points toward free files...oh yeah and if you are interested in that too, just go to the SVGCUTS web site and see the affiliate program...

Ok, that was alot of information...bottom line this was a fun challenge and to top it if you enter this challenge you will get a gift no matter if you win or not...this is a Win-Win kind of thing..and you have a great time looking at all the other ideas that people come up with, its really fun!!! There are some amazing ideas people come up with.....

Thanks for looking, I have another post coming soon......can you guess what it might be?
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