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Aug 7, 2011

The Camera is FIXED!!

Yeah hoo!! My darling husband got the lens fixed and it works like a charm...speaking of charm...I entered these...

in the SVGCUTS forum for the July "Wedding" challenge!!!
I used the following files:
3D Alpha
Crushed on You (Rose)
Free Christmas Cracker file...

You can find all of these files from Mary and Leo @ SVGCUTS.Com. I just can't tell you all how much I like these files..they have easy to understand pdf files with each set and most sets have a video tutorial that can also be watched on SVGCUTS.COM or if you really like me you will get to them by clicking their banner at the top of my blog, it will help me get points toward free files...oh yeah and if you are interested in that too, just go to the SVGCUTS web site and see the affiliate program...

Ok, that was alot of information...bottom line this was a fun challenge and to top it if you enter this challenge you will get a gift no matter if you win or not...this is a Win-Win kind of thing..and you have a great time looking at all the other ideas that people come up with, its really fun!!! There are some amazing ideas people come up with.....

Thanks for looking, I have another post coming soon......can you guess what it might be?

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