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Jul 28, 2011


Someone, anyone Please inspire me to do my crafting!!  I have been down and out for too many days now, and would love some inspiring comments and if you have any great projects to share that you might like to see...please share....

Off to work again....

Thanks for reading this blah blah blah,

TTFN  Katie


  1. For myself, I am so tired of making cards. I made some different flowers today. They are sitting in a box because I have no where to put them. Hmmmm, how about some wall hangings. Maybe some Christmas wall hangings like NOEL or winter themed. Never too early to start Christmas stuff. Christmas wall hangings would make nice gifts. How about 3d Christmas stockings? How about a trip to Flagstaff?

  2. I know how you feel. We just moved and it took me several weeks to get my 'mojo' back after not having a craft space for 3 months.


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