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Sep 26, 2011

MyGrafico Design Team Project of the Week!

It's MONDAY !!!!
Let's start the day off right !!!
Have good happy crafty mojo thoughts !!!

Ok, so I have been a bit quiet lately, so sorry, I have just had so much going on (like most of us do) but my doctors are changing my medications and that is always so hard on anybody, but its really had when you have to fight with your insurance companies to pay for med's that you doctor orders, and if find that it is not working they way it was intended too....'whatever' has become my attitude lately. I just can put up the fight and work full time and keep up with my crafts.

This Week's Digi Stamp for Halloween !!!


But crafting is what helps me through most of this crap ... so I continue to craft ...
I came up with this really cute project for this weeks MyGrafico Design Team

I again learning how to use
Digi Stamps
I like how this turned out,
It took a few tries on the
size but once I got is rolling
OMG !!! did it get rolling
I think I am going to make them for my
daughters class room, oh and maybe for
my few tricker~or~treater we get in my
neighborhood  !!! LOL
We did at one time in our lives, get really
into the Halloween spirit, I can remember the year that we had our big picture window with rear projecting on so that the kids would come to our house to watch them move and stay, the older kids liked it too, cuz the little kids did not get the candy, they did... But now that we live in a different house we don't get that many, besides our kidos are just at the age that they would rather go with their friends, then be home handing out candy with mom and or dad...   

Well, back to crafting...

Please hop on over to the other DT members to see how they used these digi stamps,
I am sure you will find some good uses for this great set !!!

I used some plain white card stock from the must have pile of papers, I printed the digi stamps on the paper and cut them to the width that I was looking for, I found the center of the page and went back 1/2 in  and scored then the other way from center and scored, giving a 1 inch flat bottom. I used a topper from cut it to width and length I needed. I used a baggy to fill and put a crop-a-dile to work and make a couple of holes to put the ribbon/fibers through...and there you have it!! a Treat Bag....

Sep 19, 2011

Arizona State Fair !!!

So, as you all know by now, I did really good in the open class crafts at the Navajo County Fair this last week. Well I was chatting with my old hair dresser, who happens to be 'over' the open class division, and she suggested that I send some of my items to the State Fair ???? OMG
Can you even believe this? Please someone come pinch me (oh the bills are here so not worries about pinching me... No, really for my first time EVER entering anything in to competition, other than the forum and maybe some Design Team Projects, but this.... WOW ... I am really having a hard time thinking that my work is 'good enough' for the State Level... well so I forwarded 4 of my projects...

Should I tell you or should I make this a guessing game for the whapp'n 40 followers and/or visitors? I just think this could be fun to see what people thought of my paper crafting... so with that.
So if you choose to leave me a comment as to what projects I sent to the Arizona State Fair,
then I will find some blog candy to put together and send it your way.
So you will need to pick 4 of the 9 Items or maybe it was 10 items,
anyway and leave a comment, with an email for web/blog address or something that I can let you know if you got it right!!!!
Just how ever you feel comfortable with leaving would be great...

I will NOT give the answers til October 14, as this is the opening day for the State Fair...

Leave a comment even if you don't want to participate, just let me know you came by and if you have any requests for ideas or interested in anything I do...Please just leave me a note/comment and I will get back with you. so 
4 of the 9 items
made for the county fair
Let me know who you are !!!

Well, its been a long day so I'm off to bed for the night, I hope to get back on my feet soon.
This morning about 7:30 my daughter opens my bedroom door and asks "Isn't Monday? Cuz it's 7:30 and we have to leave for the bus in needless to day, I have played catch up ALL day... even though I was not technically late for work, just scatter brained all day... You have got to know what I am talking about...? so with all the Fair stuff out of my hands, I hope to get some R&R for a few days, well til next Monday....Look for the Design Team Challenge...I'll give you a's a bout the holiday coming up...
Ok, that's it for now... later  !!!!

MyGrafico Feature File for Sept.19

Hey everyone, I hope your weekend was great !!! As you can see in the prior posts, I had an AWESOME weekend. With the County Fair behind me, and looking at putting a couple of my entries to the Arizona State Fair, life is good and a bit crazy !!! I am not sure that I would have it any other way, ok maybe some changes, but for the most part I have it pretty good ...

Well between the fair and blog posting and family, I still made the time to complete this weeks Design Team Feature file for MyGrafico ...

24 Graphics to mix and match so you can create multiple combinations...the options are just about endless !!!
I just love the colors of the dresses, and the 'bling' is just out right fun !!
Now for what I made from this group of graphics ...

credit for the dresser goes to
Paper used is AC Patterned Paper  "Teen"
Scrap from the stash, a piece of black card stock
& a pearl accent from Michael's Recollections collection 
 I will admit that my scissors were dusted off to cut these girls. I worked so many hours on trying to get Inkscape to create an svg so that I could use my cutter & SCAL, but I think if I would have dusted the scissors off sooner this project would have been done in a flash... 
Lesson learned, don't be afraid to go back in time and use the handy old fashion cutting tool, scissors !!!! lol
This also adds to my 'need' of a different cutter, The Black Cat Cougar, pennies have to add up before I get to dive into this 'need' !!  hee hee

I would love to hear what you think of this project. I will say that digital images are fairly new to me, so I am pretty excited to make a creation from them. There is defiantly a learning curve, and this gives a different,  new look to my paper crafting craze.

With that 
Happy Monday !! 
(remember: happiness is what we make of it)

Sep 18, 2011

The Navajo County Fair is Coming to an end

Alright, this maybe a long post with lots of pictures, but I think its time to spill the beans (as they say).
The final results of all the projects I entered. I just hope I got good pictures...You will find that a lot of the projects are ones that I have posted before ...The Halloween project/table top holiday decor was made just for a fair entry, as I have NEVER EVER entered anything in a contest or fair or any such things/places.
So with that being said :

Aug. 7, 2011, I posted the Big 3D letter "W" along with the crackers - filled with rice
(in tradition for the Bride & Groom to exit the wedding affairs)
I also entered this project in the forum July Challenge 'It's A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Do you remember the School Day SVG Kit by 
Yeah I made the little school house into a White Chapel....I put them together Making
A wedding decor center piece entry at the fair.....


Do you see the 1st Place Blue Ribbon attached !!!

Ok so now I have 
2 ~ 2nd place Red Ribbons
2 ~ 1st Place Blue Ribbons

I am so excited about this I can hardly keep the tears from rolling down my face.
I was just struck with excitement. 
It was crazy to enter these small projects, something I love to do and actually be recognized and received ribbons like this... OMG ... did they judge it right? did someone swap ribbons? there is no way that MY hobby/projects could ever be worthy of any kind of recognition.
I just thought I would enter my paper crafts just for people to see my creations, something that I have such a passion for.....

So for the last few projects that were entered 

~ I posted this in April 2011 here on this blog
~ it was also entered it in the  "Cherry Blossom Challenge" on the Forum 

I had made a few different note pads like this, and so I had the kids help me choose 1 to enter !

Well the judges at the county fair here in Arizona, liked it earned a 

1st Place Ribbon 



Does this one look familiar?
Yeah, cuz I posted this digital scrapbook page
I really liked how the colors came together, and my little niece 
is just darling anyway, but this was a smile that keeps on going !!!


Yep a 1st Place Blue Ribbon &  Best of Class Ribbon

Ok, now I have done WAY MORE than I could have EVER thought....

But it keeps going !!!

Next is the

This little Cottage is so versatile, I have used it as a little summer cottage
& a haunted looking house and now its a all included "package deal"
Its got the box for a table top Ginger Bread House Lantern (with a battery operated tea light, then a cookie mix and a cookie cutter with some decorations to go on the cookies, this will make a great home made gift as a gift !!! 
 Oh, do you see what the judges thought of this one?
Yep a 1st Place Blue Ribbon 
a Purple and White Ribbon ~ Best of Show

Now for what you have all been waiting for..... What did you get on the Halloween Decor?

I used a bunch of different files from using a 3D tree from an unknown source, a fence who knows were, I mad the tombstones myself, and the Peony Cottage SVG kit from & the Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit from (this is the newest kit that was just released days before I had to turn the entire project over to the fair)

  YEP, Another 1st Place Blue Ribbon
Best of Show Purple and White Ribbon
The only ribbon that is bigger than what I got in all of my entries

So that's it...I think that's plenty....
I went back to the fair again today to help my local Stamp'n up Rep. She had some 'make and takes', she asked a few of us to volunteer teaching new techniques, new ideas and just be an all around people person to help keep on top of things ....

This when I had a chance to chat with the gal that works on the Fair Board for the Open Class division.
She said that some of my work that I entered is certainly State Fair Quality !!!
So now is the time for me to pass-out, someone please pinch me, I must be dreaming !!!
With that being said, I go tomorrow (Sunday) in the early evening to collect my projects and ribbons...
But at this time...if I want, I can hand over any projects that I would like to send to the Arizona State Fair. 
You have to understand a miner detail in this; it is that the State Fair is held in Phoenix, AZ
and that's a 3 hour drive (each way) to enter my projects there... but from what I understand the State Fair board has someone come pick all the items that would like to go to the state level. The projects are gone for about 5 ~ 6 weeks, but what am I going to do with these right now anyway?
 to this gal that will add it to the State Fair transport and when it's all said and done, its $2.00 per entry... so why not?

Please !!! 
I ask you nicely, 
Please leave me some feedback
Tell me which ones (if any) might have a chance at the state level?

Have a blessed rest of the weekend....
and check back on Monday for my next DT for MyGrafico feature file...
Some really cool things to share ...

Goodnight All

Sep 16, 2011

Remember This?

A little while back, I had posted this altered project that my 2nd dad and I created, What can you do with
 an OLD lamp shade, some left over CPVC pipe, a threaded rod, some paint, and some wood for a base (heavy enough, as to not letting it fall over when the cat plays with your stuff) Oh yeah, got to add the RED pin strip down the center.

Well it's a homemade 'Clip-It-Up' for ALOT less cost and way more fun....And most of all, it recycles old not used stuff for something new and exciting to help (well try to) our landfills and get better organized all with one simple project ! and see what I really have !!! It's crazy the things that I keep finding to put on in... But I found one of the best things for it....

That's the BLUE ribbon (1st Place) for the open class recycle...I like to call it Altered Projects or Up-cycled...
Well here is a picture of the great guy that helped me put it together and if you look close the Judges pined a ribbon.... It keeps going, and going, and going..        

Getting really tired, it's late Friday night, I have my DT project for MyGrafico to post Monday, in the works... I am a bit behind with all the happenings that life keeps happening... so anyway ... I hope to get the rest of the projects posted and their results before I have to pick them up on Sunday ,  to bring home those RIBBONS !!!

More to come !!! keep your eye's open !!!

Sneak Peak of whats next for County Fair results!!! Check it out

OK, so I am sooo busy, but I wanted to show you just a little bit of the other entries and what I got for them!!!
So next up is......
     This is a '1 page' (lol) scrapbook layout for Christmas !!!! It's really a shutter fly protective sleeve, its way cool, I bought them thinking it was something else, oopps, and  now I realize I really like the look/layout!!!
1st Place Baby..... 

1st Place (again) baby
This is also a '1' page scrapbook layout, for vacation, this is part of my Disneyland trip last December, we just could not go to Disneyland without going to the beach, Huntington Beach, we love to take pictures and see who will go out in the ocean the furthest, and it was COLD!! but Josh, Alex and Sierra got up to their necks in it, with the splashing of the waves!!!  oh what fun!!

More Later

Sep 15, 2011

County Fair

So, I am back with some more results of the county fair projects...

2nd Place Ribbon for 1 page scrapbook layout- Family Fun!! 

 So you see I got this 2nd Place on this was listed as '1 page scrapbook layout'.... so does it count that I made a 12 x 24 page layout ?  lol  I was really surprised that this one was not disqualified... but I am VERY excited that I got a ribbon, and 2nd place to boot !!  OMG WOW this brought tears to my eyes !!!!

Not a good picture but this is my 3D paper crafting attempt!!
You can see that this also has a 2nd place red ribbon ..  OMG (again) !!! I am just crazy amazed that someone thinks I have talent ??? I just don't see it in my projects , but this has helped me realize that I just might have some kind of talent, its just not as good as others, but its good  !!! Mind you I have been paper crafting for about a year now, once my hubby got me my 1st Cricut Expression and I then found SCAL ... that's where the craze started !!!
I have done some scrap booking since grade school remember the plastic covered sticky pages that ruin your photos, yeah that's the stuff that got me started , (oh and I am almost 40 now) so that's a few years ... then as I started into the real 'scrapbooking' and put more to 8 1/2 x 11 pages  ... Then in 2003 I graduated to 12 x 12 pages ... well that's been fun but it did not last too long, well I keep trying to do it but, but , but what about 3D kinds of things... Then with my Expression and SCAL came  - Mary and Leo are my hero's.... they have kept me going... so anyway .....

More photos to follow, but I have to go back to the Fair to get more and better pictures to share, oh and to be sure of what I won !!!

So check back by soon.... for MORE!!!! can you guess what I have to show you next?

County Fair

Ok so I entered 9 items in  the Navajo County Fair in the 'open class'... I think most of you know that by now, the judging was on Tuesday night, and the Fair opened yesterday 09/14/2011. So I don't have a lot of time to tell you all .... so here is a picture of the entire Halloween Decor thing looked.

I took pictures last night but the power went out before was done editing the photos to post here. so..

I will post more about it later today, I hope....going back to the fair tonight to get some pictures of the rest of the stuff I did ....

Keep you all in suspense, oh what fun this is...

so off to work I go



Sep 12, 2011

This weeks MyGrafico file!!! It's a MUST see

Hey everyone, it's another week, and OMG I can't believe it? WOW, time is flying by. Working on my Fair projects, has consumed WAY too much time...but I have never entered anything in a county fair before, so I want so make this a  ' WOW ' kind of thing.

Anyway, this weeks project/challenge entry is all about Rocky Mini Golf by Riefka Design.

So I just had to use the cutter someway or another and I thought long and hard about this, 'what can I do with this file ? ' .....

Then it came to me, we all like blue ribbons, and golfers can't be much different, well maybe they can, but anyway... I used some white textured card stock to print the image on. Then made this paper rosette and cut a few circles and made some 'ribbon' streamers, and there you have it...nothing too special but its a good place to start, right ?
This is nothing really special, but I think when that 1st place golfer gets this Blue Ribbon, I can bet they will feel special...

You all have a great week...

Oh and PLEASE check out the other design team projects.
Check out their blogs and leave them some love as well.

Happy Monday!!! check back next week for a new creation of some sorts...

Sep 5, 2011

Here comes the Bride!

Good Monday morning, 
                   OK so it's Monday, but I am not sure it's 'Good' lol, but this means I have a MyGrafico Design Team  project to share with you.  If you follow my blog much, you know that I am an .svg attic. This week was a change for me, as I went outside the circle in that I dove into the digital stamp community. 

This weeks feature file is :

MyGrafico - Beautiful Bride Set

I used this file to create a book,
A To Do List for the I Do Bride

Using a different Bride for each page and adding some lines, and there you have a page of a book (I know if I don't have lines on a page, OMG do I get carried away with doodle art)  

I dusted off my BIA (bind it all) and used a 1/2 inch owire to bind it. Added some ribbon to the binding to give it the 'homemade' touch. And there you have a book for that special time in a woman's life.

So what do you think of my attempt on using a digital stamp?

and don't think I did not use my cutter,
is there any other way to cut things these days?
Oh yeah maybe, I think they call it scissors? heehee

I hope I have not let you down this week, I am sure you can check out the other Design Team members blogs for some inspiration using of this file. You can find their names on the right side bar and click their name, that will take you to their blog.
Have a great week !!!
Come back to me next Monday with another project from MyGrafico

Off to work on my County Fair projects !!!!
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