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Sep 16, 2011

Remember This?

A little while back, I had posted this altered project that my 2nd dad and I created, What can you do with
 an OLD lamp shade, some left over CPVC pipe, a threaded rod, some paint, and some wood for a base (heavy enough, as to not letting it fall over when the cat plays with your stuff) Oh yeah, got to add the RED pin strip down the center.

Well it's a homemade 'Clip-It-Up' for ALOT less cost and way more fun....And most of all, it recycles old not used stuff for something new and exciting to help (well try to) our landfills and get better organized all with one simple project ! and see what I really have !!! It's crazy the things that I keep finding to put on in... But I found one of the best things for it....

That's the BLUE ribbon (1st Place) for the open class recycle...I like to call it Altered Projects or Up-cycled...
Well here is a picture of the great guy that helped me put it together and if you look close the Judges pined a ribbon.... It keeps going, and going, and going..        

Getting really tired, it's late Friday night, I have my DT project for MyGrafico to post Monday, in the works... I am a bit behind with all the happenings that life keeps happening... so anyway ... I hope to get the rest of the projects posted and their results before I have to pick them up on Sunday ,  to bring home those RIBBONS !!!

More to come !!! keep your eye's open !!!

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