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Sep 19, 2011

Arizona State Fair !!!

So, as you all know by now, I did really good in the open class crafts at the Navajo County Fair this last week. Well I was chatting with my old hair dresser, who happens to be 'over' the open class division, and she suggested that I send some of my items to the State Fair ???? OMG
Can you even believe this? Please someone come pinch me (oh the bills are here so not worries about pinching me... No, really for my first time EVER entering anything in to competition, other than the forum and maybe some Design Team Projects, but this.... WOW ... I am really having a hard time thinking that my work is 'good enough' for the State Level... well so I forwarded 4 of my projects...

Should I tell you or should I make this a guessing game for the whapp'n 40 followers and/or visitors? I just think this could be fun to see what people thought of my paper crafting... so with that.
So if you choose to leave me a comment as to what projects I sent to the Arizona State Fair,
then I will find some blog candy to put together and send it your way.
So you will need to pick 4 of the 9 Items or maybe it was 10 items,
anyway and leave a comment, with an email for web/blog address or something that I can let you know if you got it right!!!!
Just how ever you feel comfortable with leaving would be great...

I will NOT give the answers til October 14, as this is the opening day for the State Fair...

Leave a comment even if you don't want to participate, just let me know you came by and if you have any requests for ideas or interested in anything I do...Please just leave me a note/comment and I will get back with you. so 
4 of the 9 items
made for the county fair
Let me know who you are !!!

Well, its been a long day so I'm off to bed for the night, I hope to get back on my feet soon.
This morning about 7:30 my daughter opens my bedroom door and asks "Isn't Monday? Cuz it's 7:30 and we have to leave for the bus in needless to day, I have played catch up ALL day... even though I was not technically late for work, just scatter brained all day... You have got to know what I am talking about...? so with all the Fair stuff out of my hands, I hope to get some R&R for a few days, well til next Monday....Look for the Design Team Challenge...I'll give you a's a bout the holiday coming up...
Ok, that's it for now... later  !!!!

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