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Sep 15, 2011

County Fair

So, I am back with some more results of the county fair projects...

2nd Place Ribbon for 1 page scrapbook layout- Family Fun!! 

 So you see I got this 2nd Place on this was listed as '1 page scrapbook layout'.... so does it count that I made a 12 x 24 page layout ?  lol  I was really surprised that this one was not disqualified... but I am VERY excited that I got a ribbon, and 2nd place to boot !!  OMG WOW this brought tears to my eyes !!!!

Not a good picture but this is my 3D paper crafting attempt!!
You can see that this also has a 2nd place red ribbon ..  OMG (again) !!! I am just crazy amazed that someone thinks I have talent ??? I just don't see it in my projects , but this has helped me realize that I just might have some kind of talent, its just not as good as others, but its good  !!! Mind you I have been paper crafting for about a year now, once my hubby got me my 1st Cricut Expression and I then found SCAL ... that's where the craze started !!!
I have done some scrap booking since grade school remember the plastic covered sticky pages that ruin your photos, yeah that's the stuff that got me started , (oh and I am almost 40 now) so that's a few years ... then as I started into the real 'scrapbooking' and put more to 8 1/2 x 11 pages  ... Then in 2003 I graduated to 12 x 12 pages ... well that's been fun but it did not last too long, well I keep trying to do it but, but , but what about 3D kinds of things... Then with my Expression and SCAL came  - Mary and Leo are my hero's.... they have kept me going... so anyway .....

More photos to follow, but I have to go back to the Fair to get more and better pictures to share, oh and to be sure of what I won !!!

So check back by soon.... for MORE!!!! can you guess what I have to show you next?

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  1. Congratulations Katie! You silly girl, yes you are talented. Very much so. I can't wait to see these in person. Going to the fair on Saturday!


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