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Apr 26, 2011

Strawberry Tea Anyone?

So if you follow my blog you will know that I am TOTALLY obsessed with Mary's files at and know that just as soon as she publishes one I HAVE TO have here is a tea pot from her lates release...

I used the same strawberries from Tamera on her blog happy wife crafty life...she has some amazing things over there, great ideas and such, just up my
Well as always let me know what you think!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!!!


Apr 24, 2011

Flower Pot Card

So I put this card together upon My moms request. I like how it turned out...Its got lots of flowers to it in many different shapes, I like how it's so 3D, but that's my style...this one wont be a good one to mail!!! its a hand deliver style card...
This file is another great file from Thanks Mary for your great ideas and files....
I hope to be in a blog hop in the near future...anyone having one going on that I could join? or should I start one on my own? What do you think?

Wow 50 posts!!! never thought I would be able to pull this one off.....Hope for many more 50th posts!!!

Happy Easter 2011

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!!!

Just showing off my cute box of muffins for Mom on Easter...

A few chocolate chip mini muffins and some strawberries should work well for her....
The box & flower is an svg file from SVGCUTS.COM and the dragon fly is from I also got the great svg file for the strawberries from Happy Life Crafty Wife. Thanks everyone for your great files!!!
Hope everyone enjoys the day with family and friends, or crafting like me!!!

Apr 23, 2011

1st Stand Up Card

Hey, so I finished this card at about 3 am, ugh, so my alarm goes off at 6:30 and I cant get back to sleep so I thought I would post this card. It's from (surprise, surprise I'm obsessed with their work) and it's the Edisto Island Card SVG kit,... there are a few more cards in this collection...I also  made the butterfly lever card but forgot to take a picture be for giving it away :( . Oh well I just might have to make another one shucks, sucks for me... NOT.

Tell me what you think...PLEASE... and THANKS to all my followers today and to come...have a great day :P

 Going back to craft some more...

P.S. I have my 1st assignment from DtsArt for May 3rd watch for it !

Apr 21, 2011

Exciting News...

I have become a new member of the DtsArt Design Team/Creative Team!!
She made me this way cute Avatar...She is so talented, I look forward to working with her SVG files, and her digi stamps. You can check her out on her blog at , see for yourself all the cute things she does...she even has a freebie Tuesday SVG file :).

Have a great day!!! should be posting a peek of my 1st assignment later today!!!


Apr 18, 2011

A thank you I have 11 followers and almost 400 views..thanks guys!!!

Here is a thank you card that I made for my mom to give to someone...I used the files from the Waterfall Cards SVG Kit and the gate fold from Edisto Island Cards SVG Kit
I just finished these 2 projects tonight after work...hope this is fun for you to see my work...I love love love crafting...

Thanks Mary at SVGCUTS for the fun files. I just love making new things...I bought a few more of you files tonight...shame on me...but I just could not resist the free cup cake wrappers for spring...

Amelie's Accessories Kit from post 3

This was so much fun to make that I just had to make another one. This one I used DCWV 'All about Girls Stack' and some butterflies from the SCAL library... I added the box to the top so my daughter could put odds and ends in there and still be able to stash other things in the drawers...I think it turned out pretty cute myself.... pat pat...heehee
Tell me what you think!!

Apr 16, 2011

So Excited!!

I have been invited to become a member of the SVG Creative Team for DtsArt... Thank you Dardi...

I have her button on the side bar of my blog...check her out...she has lots of fun stuff, including Digi Stamps and SVGs, and you know how much I love SVG files, so this is a new adventure for me...I will post as soon as I can....

Apr 13, 2011

Mini Cupcake Cake for the Teacher!!!

 Here is the birthday cake that my daughter and I made tonight for the Teacher's birthday!!! I used my cricut to make the word cut outs spelling Happy Birthday, We inked the edges and I had the letter along with 2 shadows of the of my favorite fonts 'Ravie'....
I got to get the light studio out again to take these great pictures...oh yeah the grass is also cut with the cricut...its a grass border I got somewhere.....
This cake it make of 20 mini cup cakes and then frosted over the top to make it look like one big flower like thing...yummmmmm.

Apr 12, 2011

Amelie's Accessories Kit from post 2

I made this a few weeks ago but did not want to post it until I got it off in the mail to my daughter in I hope she does not see this post til after she gets the mail..hehe...
I really like this file, it cut well and was fairly easy to put together, with the help of the video tutorial on the site by Mary. but any way sorry for all the posts tonight...just trying to get caught up and I have to show off my great pictures that my photo studio provides.
so girly, I love it!!!

ATC for Forum

This is the ATC card that I made for my swap on the forum at SVGCUTS.COM...
I printed the background so its a hybrid project, I stamped on that "spring is here", than I embossed transparency film(got a whole box at the thrift store for $1.99, and its so fun to work with, you can print on them, emboss them, write on just about anything with them...try it sometime!!!) then I cut the egg and the egg parts off my cricut expression...I also used sticky back foam stuff for the grass. I used 3D pop dots to set it out a bit...and wow did that bite me in the pocket book for mailing them...

On that note...remember to check with the post office before you make your see how much its going to be to mail it...they ended up costing me $0.66 each but I also included a home made card so that added to the weight. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!!

I have enjoyed getting my ATC's that my buddies made, its great to share ideas and stuff...Lets keep this one going!!! Thanks

Apr 10, 2011

Photo Studio Box...

The hubby and I just finished a photo studio box tent thing...

Oh, I just love it... Its a bit big but it works like a charm...I can't wait to do more crafts so that I can take more pictures and post them....!!

Just wait and see what I can do NOW!! really this is going to be great!!!

Apr 8, 2011

Cherry Blossom Challenge hosted on the Forum

Come check out the challenge and get great ideas and look at the cool stuff...the challenge is 'anything goes' and you have to use a free file..what a deal. the file is from cherry blossoms collection.
Here is my entry for the challenge...I will keep my fingers crossed, I just don't think I am in the right league of crafters (if that's a I can't keep up all the time but I will continue to try....
I guess if I will just keep trying then someday I might get there.
OK here it is....drum roll please.....

What do you think?????

Apr 7, 2011

Homemade Easter

Ok so I have put together this great "Easter Basket" for work. Really its a Wilton cake pan with a cake mix and various other things in it. I had such a fun time putting this one together. I hope you enjoy... Most of the SVG's are from
 Tell me what you think!!!

Apr 3, 2011

More note pads

Ok, so my daughter and I made the last 2 for the night....what do you think?

Sierra's work of art!! :)

Katie's last one for the night!!
Off to try our hands out at cake balls!!!

Apr 2, 2011

Note Books I am making for my craft/yard sell

I am making these note books up, so I can sell them at the craft/yard sell I want to do in the near future. Gota find a way to pay for the habit....oh did it say that?...I meant for ward to my addition to my collection, but I have go get rid of some stuff before I can get the if you know of anyone that is looking for a used cricut(no carts)...and a xyron sticker maker (the 5 inch one) and a few other things let me know....other wise to the craft/yard sell they go!!!

Back to what I meant to be here for is my note books/pads!!!

Let me know what you think!!!
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