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Sep 16, 2011

Sneak Peak of whats next for County Fair results!!! Check it out

OK, so I am sooo busy, but I wanted to show you just a little bit of the other entries and what I got for them!!!
So next up is......
     This is a '1 page' (lol) scrapbook layout for Christmas !!!! It's really a shutter fly protective sleeve, its way cool, I bought them thinking it was something else, oopps, and  now I realize I really like the look/layout!!!
1st Place Baby..... 

1st Place (again) baby
This is also a '1' page scrapbook layout, for vacation, this is part of my Disneyland trip last December, we just could not go to Disneyland without going to the beach, Huntington Beach, we love to take pictures and see who will go out in the ocean the furthest, and it was COLD!! but Josh, Alex and Sierra got up to their necks in it, with the splashing of the waves!!!  oh what fun!!

More Later

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