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Sep 26, 2011

MyGrafico Design Team Project of the Week!

It's MONDAY !!!!
Let's start the day off right !!!
Have good happy crafty mojo thoughts !!!

Ok, so I have been a bit quiet lately, so sorry, I have just had so much going on (like most of us do) but my doctors are changing my medications and that is always so hard on anybody, but its really had when you have to fight with your insurance companies to pay for med's that you doctor orders, and if find that it is not working they way it was intended too....'whatever' has become my attitude lately. I just can put up the fight and work full time and keep up with my crafts.

This Week's Digi Stamp for Halloween !!!


But crafting is what helps me through most of this crap ... so I continue to craft ...
I came up with this really cute project for this weeks MyGrafico Design Team

I again learning how to use
Digi Stamps
I like how this turned out,
It took a few tries on the
size but once I got is rolling
OMG !!! did it get rolling
I think I am going to make them for my
daughters class room, oh and maybe for
my few tricker~or~treater we get in my
neighborhood  !!! LOL
We did at one time in our lives, get really
into the Halloween spirit, I can remember the year that we had our big picture window with rear projecting on so that the kids would come to our house to watch them move and stay, the older kids liked it too, cuz the little kids did not get the candy, they did... But now that we live in a different house we don't get that many, besides our kidos are just at the age that they would rather go with their friends, then be home handing out candy with mom and or dad...   

Well, back to crafting...

Please hop on over to the other DT members to see how they used these digi stamps,
I am sure you will find some good uses for this great set !!!

I used some plain white card stock from the must have pile of papers, I printed the digi stamps on the paper and cut them to the width that I was looking for, I found the center of the page and went back 1/2 in  and scored then the other way from center and scored, giving a 1 inch flat bottom. I used a topper from cut it to width and length I needed. I used a baggy to fill and put a crop-a-dile to work and make a couple of holes to put the ribbon/fibers through...and there you have it!! a Treat Bag....

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  1. Katie, your talents are growing and so are your followers! I noticed you have 40 now. How cool is that?


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