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Aug 14, 2011

It's a ?

What do you do with an old lamp shade, some wood blocks, a pole and some spray paint...oh and a little hard work...

Ok, so it's not my original idea, but it is my own 'spin' of it...

It's kinda bare for now...but I have great things to hang from it... I spent less than $20.00 for all the materials. My dad put his finishing touches on it with the red pin strip on the middle post... Now I can hang all those supplies that are just 'tucked' away in drawers, never to be seen again, and put them in a clear bag and hang it on here... it even spins without moving the base!!!

Now I know the pictures are not the best, sorry, but I just could not wait for help to get a better back drop...And I just had to post it as soon as I got it finished...

I hope to find a good home for it in my craft room (I have not figured that out yet).

If you like what you see, and need some more details to the construction of this project, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back with you on it...

thanks for checking me out on my blog...Hope you all have a very wonderful work week ahead !!!

Happy Craft'n, oh and !!!


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