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Aug 17, 2011

I think I promised a new project...if not here it is anyway!! heehee

Hey all my followers and peeps that check me out once in awhile...How are you all doing? Things are busy around here, I am getting prepared for the County Fair for next month and have a whole line of craft/projects that I need to make-to enter.  So with that being said...I put together this cute little church...well made this set for a back to school kind of thing, but when I saw the files, the first thing that came to mind is a church, a wedding, and how in the old days (ok, Little House on the Prairie) the school was also the church, or was it that the church was a school room? anyway, I had to make it ASAP!! and so this is my creation from School Days SVG Kit... go check it out, its AMAZING!!!

Ok, so the figurine was my wedding cake topper (years ago), that has a great story...if you look carefully(I tried to hide it) you can see that the figurine was broken...It was placed on the top of the cake and after that I can remember that it looked so funny, my cake was only 3 small tiers and this figurine was SO BIG...and the gal that made the cake was not aware of the size topper I had chosen...well anyway, I was in the back room doing the final touches on my 2 daughters and I, when we heard this HORRIBLE sound, You see the chapel was only yards away from the Major train tracks, and when it roars thur our little town, it makes almost everything shake a I am in hopes that is what happened, but there was someone there that was really jealous of our wedding, and some say that she is the one that 'oops it fell?'...heehee..well anyway it was all picked up and kinda fixed before the Bride and Groom were to cut the can you see the crack? Well anyway, enough of that, fun memories that is... And off to make more creations...Navajo County Fair- Here I come!!!

Leave me some luv, cuz right now I am really feeling that this blog is just getting ignored, but I guess I do it for me, and thats all that matters (well the hubby tells me that) if you are a follower and check out this post PLEASE just say 'Hi' and if your not a follower Please consider it, I would love to have more the 34 I have but more is ALWAYS better!! right?  lol  ...

Until next time, Katie


  1. Katie, your church turned out so cute!!! I love all the embossing you did on it. I plan on coming to the county fair and am looking forward to all the goodies you make.

  2. Awesome stuff Katie!! Love your church. I know how discouraging it can be when you don't hear from your followers... hang in there.


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