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Oct 18, 2013

Clay Anyone?

Hey it's Katie here
I want to show you how to
play with clay
and make some really cool
embellishments for your cards and other projects...
than you can make one and join us at 
Lis Robson is our design team member that
put this tutorial together...
Great Job Lis, thank you...

Tutorial can be found here...
I got some Sculpey III baking clay for my project,
but you can use just about any clay, Wally Word has some
clay that you just mold into what you want and there you have it...
a Clay Embellishment...
easy peasy.
I did have to bake my clay and I do not have a clay press
or pasta thing and I was still just to make it work...
Lots of options you have here...
After I baked my clay, I let it cool
than colored it with
some Stampin Up markers...
added a ribbon and a die cut
from my cameo...and yep
it's time to enter the challenge...
Hope to see you at



  1. Great clay corn! Love your card! It's fun to see all the different clays people used!

  2. And you did it justice ..Good job..........Lis


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