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Jun 25, 2011


Ok so I went to take pictures of my new DtsArts Design Team Project, and yeah my extremely expensive digital camera that my hubby got for his birthday last year(but it was really for me and my projects), well anyway. All was good, I set the stage and put the camera on the tripod, and it made this really bad sound. I could not get it to just wont I took it to the darling hubby and asked him what was wrong with 'my' camera. Come to find out it had dropped a few weeks ago, well since I last posted pictures, and it BROKE. He thinks its only the auto focus lens, but that means I have to buy a new lens and all that before I can post pictures again. Well, I might be able to find my daughters camera in the messy room, but I am not sure. I am sooo sad over this, I just cant go on. But anyway, I will be posting pictures again, but I just don't know when. So please come back a check out my boring blah blah sad story until I get a new lens I just have to share with you my ideas, yeah thats ok really I will try to get back and up soon. Life has thrown a big kink in my crafting style, my hubby got a job (after 2+ yrs of looking) and well its shift work and weekends and all that, but its a job and its a 'good' state job but he has to commute 1 hour each way, so needless to say, I am trying to keep him in good spirits.

So, I made these great ATC's for the forum and I made them too bulky and I just know they are going to cost me an arm and a leg to send them but....I just love how they turned out, oh and you don't get to see them unless you are one of my lucky ladies to get one...

With that blah blah blah being said, I will keep you posted on my camera situation, I hope to post soon, I love my blog and I love my followers, so don't leave now...I promise I WILL BE BACK.

Katie @  :(


  1. Ohhh Kate, hope you get it fixed soon

  2. Hey Katie, wanted to let you know you were the winner of the 10.00 gift card to SVGCuts! Congrats. Email me at beckerohio58 at aol dot com


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