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Nov 17, 2011

My Cameo's first cuts!!!

It's here...I got my Cameo yesterday.... I did a few print and cut objects....
I love it so far... It makes great cuts, very clean and easy to remove from the mat...
well here you go!!!! Check it out !!!
Oh and I got it on for a VERY reasonable price... less then what is being advertised for sure...

This is how well its packed in there...It's alot lighter then the Expression and looks so cool
in my crafting area...she found her home real quick...booted the Expression right out of the house...

The Cameo in Action!!!

Here it the messy crafting area I work really I printed on my wonderful printer the image that
I created in the Silhouette software, but plan on using SCAL3 for most of my projects...but the first
print and cuts were better with the Silhouette program then SCAL3 but I only did a few cuts...
so I am certain that SCAL3 can do it too...just need to tweak it a bit... 

Me pulling the first cuts off the mat
Mind you this is during my lunch yesterday when I got the package and opened it...
set it up.... and cut some stuff....

 Here I am being very careful as to not rip the whiskers off !!!
Yes they cut just perfect!!!!

Here is the detail and the size that shows just how well it cut!!!
did I say I love

Here is Tiger all cut out...look at how small yet how accurate it is!!!!! 

This is the final result of my very first print and cut that I did
with my Cameo...
Check out the size and the whiskers that cut so well...
and hardly any white on the edges...
And this is JUST a jpeg that was on my computer that I
pulled into the Silhouette program and printed and cut it....
OMG  I am in love ... all over again!!!
What a great addition to my Craft room!!!

I will post more later, but I wanted to get it out as fast as I could...
so that you can make the same choice as I did....look close at the
Cameo by Silhouette
if you are looking to replace your cutter...


Please remember to leave me some love ... so I know you came by...


  1. Very Cool. Still trying to decide if to buy the Cameo or the eclips

  2. It looks like it cuts really clean...unlike how my Cricut keeps snagging the corners. I was looking at and noticed that the Cameo had a 12x10 inch mat, not 12x12...what size mat did you get?
    This looks like a stylish little cutter though...gettin' ready for my big switch (literally...I only have the 12x6)!!!
    Thanks for sharing! And have fun crafting, like I know that you will!

  3. Ok, now I am jealous! Some web site had a drawing for one that I signed up for along with a thousand other people. Can't remember where it was! You look like the cat that swallowed the cream in the picture with your new toy.

  4. Hello Katie,
    Nice work! I just need some advice. Eclips or Cameo. Why did you go with the Cameo? I have a Cricut but want a new machine.
    Thank you,


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