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Nov 1, 2011

Oh, I lost a follower :(

You know when you only have 41 followers, you can see that someone has left :( I am so sad... ok well I am over it now... Sorry for no post yesterday...I just could not get my DT project done for the week. But PLEASE check out my other DT members, the list is on the right side bar, they all have GREAT projects to share...
Well, I really wanted to say Hi and I wanted to ask a quick question....

I get alot of hits on my stats that says my Photo Studio post is pretty popular, now why can no one leave love and tell me what they think? I just don't get it..oh well not for me to get...

I have already completed 2 more DT for MyGrafico projects for the future, and can I just pat my own back...they turned out so cool...both are digi files and you know that I am new to that. So you will just have to wait and see when they get posted...

Happy November everyone!!!  Halloween was such fun this year, with all the projects I did, it made it so fun to share.  But when it was time for trick or treaters', I turned out my lights and watched the new Fox tv show Taranova (sorry don't remember how to spell it), but anyway I am might check it out...It's just before House...

I also have some work photos to share of our Costume party, we had so much check them out...

Can you guess what we did?

These are the 3 little work stations at Holbrook MVD

We are all at the Brick house and the Big bad wolf (the boss) can't get us now!!

OMG we had to save the other staff member from the CDL department

Ivin - the supervisor

Heidi, out lead in charge.
@ the Smart little Pig at the house of Bricks

Lisa the next smart little pig, 2nd lead in charge
@ the house of Sticks

Katie the dumb little pig, no title
@ at the house of Straw


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