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Jun 14, 2012

Ocean Front Property In Arizona

Well I can dream of ocean front property in Arizona, can't I
hee hee
Happy, Happy
Joy, Joy
I used my chalks today
to create this wonderful background on white card stock
I mixed Gesso and blue powdered chalk to paint the white card stock
then let it dry before stamping my image
I then added some bling and some lace 
that I got from Creating is fun by Martha
She has given us a $10 gift certificate to her online store to the winner of 
 I wanted to get you a larger picture of these cards
so you can tell me...
Here is my game
Tell me what is different with these cards...
I will use
to pick my winner
all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by 
Saturday June 16, 2012
and list 6+ different things I have done with these cards
I am sure there are more than 6 things different but that is all I am asking for...
and if you want to win...
you MUST leave me an email address
so I can contact you when you win...
I have lots of goodies for prizes !!!

Happy Chalk'n everyone
Happy Craft'n

Have yourself a wonderful weekend
and remember 
All of our wonderful men in our lives that make it worth living...
I know I have a wonderful husband/best friend that is deserving 
of the 
Happy Father's Day, Honey !!!
~ I love you ~


  1. oh this is wonderful, thank you so much for using the lace :)

  2. Here is my list of 6 things different
    1. Direction of cards on tall on short
    2. Lace placement is higher on one
    3. Small shell in above in one and low in the other
    4. No second small shell in tall card
    5. Black paper behind lace in tall card
    6. Placement of medium shell is different on both cards

    Love love this Katie! Hope I got them all, lol!

  3. 1-the shells are placed differently
    2-One card is landscape the other portrait
    3- the cardstock is different, one is a print the other is solid
    4- there is black behind the lace on one card
    5- one small shell is missing on one card.
    6- The large shell runs off the page on one card
    I like both cards. They are very pretty. The shells look like charcoal drawings. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  4. Here goes:
    1. black behind lace on one
    2. placement of shells
    3. one card is landscape and the other is portrait
    4. placement of shells
    5. solid background on the one while the other is textured
    6. one has a shell missing


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