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May 31, 2011

Design Team Project for this week....

Hey everyone...I am a bit late in posting this weeks design team project for DtsArt, my Internet is not working well and its really frustrating me...I did not realize how much I do on the Internet also I had a bit of a family emergency with my daughter, she has type 1 diabetes and if you know anything about type 1 they can go into whats called DKA...its not she was flown 3 hours away to a hospital, but is doing good now and we have been educated a bit more about what and why it sucks that you have to go through these things to learn something but all is good now and here are my cards that I put together with the frames that Dardi supplied us with this week...

This last one was a bit fitting for the family...

Hope you all enjoyed this...

Ok looking forward to this weekends blog hop...can't wait to share the projects I have lined up for you!!!

1 comment:

  1. Great card. Thanks for sharing.
    You are the winner of my "May Comments Giveaway'. I have sent an email as well.


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