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May 1, 2011

Men's Bowling Shirt card

ok so I really was not going to buy the newest collection by but...... I wanted to buy 2 other files, that I totally love, and so I got this one for 'free' lol... anyway, so I was being a busy bee and decided to make one of the cards.... and WOW I love it... I printed the paper then cut it and whoot whoo I love it...sooo glad I got it and did not pass it up. And like always there are a ton of other files to be made with this set, its just that none of my family is into the 'party room' we do video games and such... so with out further blah blah... here is the card that I threw together in minutes... it seemed like....

The camera kinda flashed out the color but in person its really cool...!!! blues and browns are some of my favorite colors together for a man anyway...
Tell me what you think!!

PS... I don't think you know this but I am not affiliated with SVGCUTS.COM and I don't get any cuts for advertising for them but I just love their files and want to share with you...

PSS... with in the week you will get to see my 1st project for DtsArt design team ... so watch for it..!!

PSS... sorry for so many posts today but like I said earlier I was a busy bee and made 3 to 4 projects...none of them totally as cool as

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