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May 6, 2011

Play "What's This" game with me...

Guess What?

Ok so I wanted to play a little game with my followers and anyone else that wants to play along... I have something up my sleeve, well in my envelopes anyway, and I can't show them til they are all done, but it could be a few more days. So my game is ...  if you can guess what I have in the envelopes I will send you something cool from my stash of stuff... the rules are... become a follower (if you want the prize) and leave me a comment as to what you think is in the envelopes....if no one guesses it then I will pick a random winner by but I will give it a few days... Thanks for playing and I hope you get the word out about my blog so others can play....

Have a wonderful day celebrating your mom this weekend !!!

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