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May 24, 2011

DtsArt Assignment #4

So this is a really fun file to cut... but you do need a 'Sweet Treats Cup' from a Stamp'n Up.
Well with this file and a sweet treats cup you can do almost anything with it... I took a stem of flowers ... took the flowers off to make the pens that you saw earlier in my postings... used that to add the cut file to it...this way I already had my leaves and stems... then with a frosting container decoreated to match, I came up with this:

I added some candy Nerds to the center of the flower with the Sweet Treats Cup to give it a great color, and then added just a couple of other flowers the same size to make a a bunch of notes for this project.
Check this file out along with other talented people that used the same file to make their creation @ this is also where you can buy the file from as well...
So off to crafting next weeks project... I hope to see you all back soon....Katie

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