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May 20, 2012

My New Marker Holder

So today was a great day
I got to spend some time with my dad
(too bad it's not father's day already)
No he is really fun to be with....
anyway I got these new alcohol markers by 
Spectrum Noir
and I just had to have a place safe and some where I would see them so that I will use them
I found a few different things online, but they were all too expensive
and I knew my dad could help me with this project
so we went to his 'stash' of goodies ... lol
his stash of lumber and such and made this wonderful marker holder...

this is just perfect for my markers...
and there are not too many more spaces to fill...
which is good for me...
as I am the type to have to fill them all up NOW !!! hee hee
but really I can see me making another one in the feature to add to the collection...
I think now that we know what we are doing...the next one should be much faster to make...
but it was good times with dad, that's what makes it even more special...

as you can see I have already found stuff to put on top of it...
I have too much
but really can a crafter have too much stuff ?

Thanks for helping me ... this was so fun and now we know what we are doing for next time,
and yeah there will be a next time ... but not for a while
I hope anyway...hee hee


  1. Very nice, I bet he could sell them! It looks great and what a nice tome to spend with your dad!

  2. Hey Katie! It looks like a prospect to earn some extra money? I bet you could sell them right from your blog. He did a great job!


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